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Your result for The A-Muse-ing Test...

Your muse is Clio!

20% Clio, 20% Erato, 10% Euterpe, 20% Melpomene, 10% Calliope, 0% Thalia, 0% Urania, 10% Polyhymnia and 10% Terpsichore!

Clio is the muse of history known as the "glorious one." She is one of the least called upon muses and perhaps one of the most unappreciated. Yet without her knowledge of the past we would not ever be prepared for the future, for it is well known that we learn from past mistakes. It is the education and knowledge that she offers that can help someone become great in their lifetime.

Call upon Clio when you need to learn from the past and not make the same mistakes.

Find a comfortable quiet spot where you can be alone for a time. Recount your past, mistakes and all. Know that you can speak and your confidence will not be betrayed. You can speak without fear and without shame. Here is when you can then take your journal and write until you feel that you are in control of you life again. Let go of the past and look forward to your future. You should value yourself and value your history. No person in this world has ever gone through life perfect. We are all flawed, but it is how we cope with this fact that makes the difference.

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Your result for The Stellar Mind Test...


63% Knowledge, 69% Compassion, 55% Curiosity and 47% Passion!

You are a life giving star in the prime of it's existence. You shine your light brightly out into the depths of space, warming distant worlds so that they give rise to the wonder of life. You excel in your knowledge of space and the fires of your heart and mind both burn brightly giving warmth to all those around you.

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